The Golden Ticket: P, NP and the Search for the Impossible by Lance Fortnow

If you read one book on computer science, this should be it. This book covers the bleeding
edges of modern computing, with ample coverage of the quantum computing possibilities around
the corner. Here the author delves into some of the most troubling areas of computing, and
emphasizes the importance of the mathematical foundation supporting better algorithms. And
although that might sound entirely dry, the author does an expert job of conveying how these
algorithms work with easy to follow analogies, and examples. The book is shaped around the
Millennium Prizes offered by the Clay Mathematics Institute in which a million dollar bounty
is offered to anyone than can find mathematical or algorithmic solution to a seven of the
hardest problems in computer science. As someone fascinated with the potential of big data,
cloud computing, and eventually quantum computing, this book landed square in my area of
interest. I’d recommend this book to anyone interested in the maximum potential of
computing, and anyone with an investment in the future of computing. Sadly, I think I have
a solution to one of these problems, yet I lack a computer to test it. Does anyone need a
million dollars?

the golden ticket

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