Posted on by does not collect, barter, sell, swap, or pimp any user information whatsoever, for any reason. All databases are stored in an encrypted file, in an encrypted partition, with dissimilar encryption schemes. All keys are 128 characters or more, with significant entropy, using all the characters possible. Additionally, all logging that can be disabled, is disabled. What we can not prevent from logging we use a cron job to run a shell script on every 5 minutes: the shred command is used to hard-erase log data with 7x over-write, before writing the raw data back to zeros. We then use the Linux touch command to recreate the blank log to keep certain Linux applications from freaking out.

That being said, if you live in the police state, your government and ISP are logging your traffic anyway. So if you truly care about your privacy, we suggest using a SOCKS5 proxy chain through VPS servers in countries friendly to privacy.

Finally, if you contact CygonX directly, as he’s in federal custody, there will be no privacy, so don’t expect any.