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The US media spends its collective air time reviewing the importance of all events in relationship to either side of the two party system. It’s all politics, with a sprinkling of current events, and then it’s back to politics. The message seems to be that the most important thing in any American’s life should be how they feel about the government. Every now and then you will see a person or company profiled, but even then it seems that this abstract coverage is merely to give the viewers the perspective on this item needed to roll it back into American politics. There is a reason for this.
This isn’t a new manifestation of some super technical social psychology technique. This is old stuff, at its root it could be described as simply “divide and conquer”. The idea is to keep the peasants focused on being on the red team or the blue team, so any wrongs in the world can be blamed on the other. The point is a divided populace, and this technique has been as effective in the United States as it has been anywhere else in history. The government and media, (if there is a difference anymore), forces diversity at every turn, merely to allocate their citizens onto one team or another. The point is to make sure everyone has one of damn few opinions on any one subject. It’s multiple choice. You don’t get to extrapolate, or think for yourself anymore, the whole system is rigged to push everyone into teams that can be more easily managed.
This method of government control preys upon American’s attention deficit, and base desire to simplify everything as much as possible. This is hard for me to get my head around, especially on issues like gun control, where there is not an easy answer. You have to understand law makers make laws, that’s what they do. That’s the one hammer they have, so every problem looks like a nail to them, and the results is 20,000 pages of federal law. Laws are written and enacted, with no requirement that any research be done, or experts be consulted. Your politicians, that are mostly lawyers by trade, are creating laws to manage science, agriculture, criminal justice, and every aspect of the lives of Americans, every day. It’s what they do. Some people’s lives are greatly enriched by these laws, and other people have their lives destroyed by these same laws. Regardless, the immediate results of the law, in a country where no one in the government can ever admit a mistake, the fix for a mistake is usually to double down and obfuscate.
Obviously I am the computer science guy. I understand statistics, game theory, and I have a pretty substantial base in social psychology. It seems obvious to me that no one should be allowed to enact a law, unless there is at least some evidence, via the scientific method, that a law will have a positive effect on the populace. Why is it so difficult to codify a requirement that a law should result in a net –gain for humanity? The truth is that it’s not. The reason that doesn’t happen is because that would require all the sleaze in Washington to disclose exactly who really benefits from all their backdoor deals. No one is surprised that politicians are corrupt. The latest stats from the streets of America seem to indicate that almost everyone knows that the country’s leadership is completely corrupt. We all know this. The question is, why does everyone continue playing the game willfully assigned to one of two losing teams?
I am not an advocating for a 3rd party. I like the libertarian idea, but in practice they rarely seem to get anything done. I’m not sure why we need parties, or why someone has to pick one, the whole concept allows the government to quite easily manipulate you as a group to maintain the status quo. Here’s a brave thought, what if everyone thought for their selves? What if each and every person put in some input on each and every issue, based on their actual opinion having read all the facts? Impossible, right? Because people are lazy, and not everyone cares about every issue. And let’s face it, the average education level in the US does not permit the average blue collar wage-slave to have a really informed opinion as to why we might want to encourage the government to support the space program. People vote based on media input, and it’s all about character and theatrics, it’s a popularity contest.
The best solution is to have individual issues on every ballot, and never a person’s name. Why do you vote for people, when those people are subject to change their minds as soon as the lobbyist show up? Why doesn’t the government provide the US people with a giant datacenter to process all their requests, concerns, and opinions to informed reports for law makers to address? Who in their right mind thinks that the current system of allows hundreds of part-time lawyers to run the lives of 350 million people is a good idea? Why does a lawyer get a vote on a science issue? Shouldn’t there be as many STEM field guys as there is lawyers? I understand that this was a great system in the late 1700s. But at that time the spectrum of everyone’s education level was very small. Now we have some people that are functionally retarded doing nothing but watching TV and getting high, and yet they can still vote on the fate of future generations. Their vote counts just as much as that of a Nobel Laureate, and no amount of TV makes that make sense.
It could be fixed, or replaced at least. There would need to be a business plan built around the latest in machine learning and big data analysis. I’m not sure why anyone really needs to vote at all, why not just code in what’s best for the people is: a) health, b) longevity, c) happiness, d) opportunity, and etc. Maybe there would be a small role for votes as to what makes one person happy versus the other, but the rest is common sense. So we are perfectly clear here, the math is in, and the government is so far gone that the most cost-effective and efficient solution is to replace it. You can’t fix it, and they know that. What you are looking at is a government run by corrupt politicians merely protecting their hustle. The needs and wants of the people aren’t even a consideration anymore, and haven’t been in most of our lifetimes. The politicians are just perpetuating their paychecks and personal fortunes, and they are doing so on your dime. The big picture here is, it can’t be fixed.
From an individual perspective, why should you care? You can move. You can go anywhere on the planet, and there are certainly places that allow more input into their governance, but is it necessary? There are plenty of places where you can just be left alone. If a larger number of tax payers just dropped out of the game, the government could afford to oppress the rest of the citizens. The expatriates that abandon the sinking ship often take their businesses, ideas, money, and families with them. There are many places that now have whole American areas created by these expatriates. 2% of the entire Mexican population is American expatriates. Most of these people are retirees, living in Mexico where there is a better climate and lower prices on necessities. Although these are certainly not all ideological relocations, it does make a nice proof of concept.
For those of you that aren’t planning on moving for whatever reason, there is another option. When you hear “both sides” of any topic, just ask yourself if there is really just two sides to that complicated issue. Ask yourself if every issue really has to be viewed through the lenses of a two party system. And more than anything, take off the veil of American Exceptionalism, and ask yourself if the whole world really feels one of these two ways about any issue. It’s 2018, and we have instant worldwide communications, and pretty decent language translation software that works on the fly. How Americans are still completely in the dark about all that happens in the rest of the world is beyond me, but obviously the US media isn’t burning the air time talking about world events when they need that time to convince the populace that this debt-ridden country run by part-time lawyers is somehow going to solve all their problems for them.

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