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The subject matter presented here at CygonX.com is meant to inform, enlighten, and entertain. It is not the intent of the author to promote any criminal activity under the laws of any particular country, especially the Unites States which has hundreds of thousands of laws. More importantly, it’s not the author’s intention to promote amoral or unethical conduct of any kind. However, the author leaves it up to each reader to determine what is or is not ethical. Beyond that, it’s also up to the reader to know the thousands of laws in his or her own nation state, and to make an individual decision as to which to follow, ignore, or willfully break.

In consideration of the above, the author has gone to great lengths to establish what is fiction, and what is fact. The author accepts no responsibility for any confusion between the two.

Concerning all aspects of activities discussed here that could be considered “criminal” in any one country, we assure you that those events transpired in a country where the activity was totally legal at the time, or that said activity took place with full permission from the whatever government was in power at that time.

Furthermore, under the US Constitution, the 1st Amendment affords every US citizen the right to free speech, even the million plus people that are imprisoned in the US. In particular, the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) policy statement 5350.27 concerning “Inmate Manuscripts” specifically states that this activity is protected in order to “…encourage inmates to use their leisure time for creative writing…”

In spite of this “protected” speech, all questionable activities on this site will only be discussed in the abstract. We hope that all that desire to improve their physical or network security can benefit from these discussions. It is not the author’s intention to provide a step-by-step tutorial for cybercrime, only to fully explore the technology at the intersection of personal liberty, and the agenda of the nation state.

In short, use some common sense people, especially if you live in a police state.