Damn Installers and Downloaders

What’s with all the installers? It seems every application these days uses some gimpy installer/downloader, and the intent is of course to make sure retards download the right version of the software. Obviously anyone with even the most basic technical competence knows what version of their OS they are using, and if it’s 32-bit or 64-bit. But apparently enough people don’t that software vendors feel compelled to use these installers. The problem is, what if you want to download the software on one machine, but install it on another? Why does the software vendor need to pull data from my machine? And there are a number of facilities with firewalls that don’t make using the installer easy. If one of my employees doesn’t have permissions to download an outside file, and they come to the IT director, he should be able to download it for them and hand it to them on a USB drive, but installers make that impossible, and thus harm overall security, all so the software vendor can grab more data when someone uses their product. We did find one site at no-installer.com that seems to provide a means for people to get around the installers, but so far they don’t have much on their site. Maybe that will change in the future.

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