CygonX, Anti-American and/or Anti-Government?

In the past few years I have oft been accused of having views contrary to that of the
general “American” narrative. Members of the Department of Justice have even called me
anti-American. Somewhat ironically, they kidnapped me and brought me back to the
United States to tell me that. It seems that if you don’t fully support their agenda, then
you are the enemy, and thus subject to the full might of the empire. However, I feel I need
to comment on the notion of one being anti-American, or anti-government. As these two
labels represent very different things, I will address them separately.

Concerning the citizens of the United States of America, I do truly wish them all the best
in all their many endeavors. I hold no ill will towards the citizenry for what their
government has done to me. However, I do believe Americans spend way too much time focused on leisure activities such as reality television and sports, versus potentially more
productive activities in education or politics. In fact, I think Americans are largely
checked-out on world affairs, and blissfully unaware of America’s current place in the
world. Any economist with at least a B in math can look at the national debt and tell you
that there is eventually going to be a reckoning. Yet your average American can’t name a
single Senator or Congressman for their state. Meanwhile, the US Government runs around
the planet enforcing their worldview on other nations, and creating new terrorists with each
misguided assault on other countries, cultures, and religions. Which would be tolerable
if it truly was the cost of doing business on the path to world peace, but it’s not. It’s
just more war to support the profit margins of the military industrial complex, that
support the politicians in Washington. US Citizens could be at fault for what their
government has become, but that is truly none of my concern.

There are bumper stickers that say, “America, if you don’t like it, leave.” and that’s a
good point. There are 193 countries to choose from, and no reason to believe you
necessarily would be born into the one that will suit you best for your entire life. People
have migrated for hundreds of years for a variety of reasons. With politics,
climate change, globalization, varying laws, and access to technology, there are just more
reasons to move. For me, I simply prefer countries that are less isolationists, and less
of a nanny-state. To emphasize with the late great George Carlin, the world needs less
warning labels. And if I had to pick a country, maybe I’d pick one that hadn’t spent
billions of taxpayer dollars to build illegal surveillance platforms to monitor its own
citizens. So I don’t hate America, I just have a myriad of reasons as to why I prefer to
live elsewhere. I personally believe if Americans had traveled half as much as I have, many
would prefer to live elsewhere as well.

Concerning the US Government, I don’t hate them either. Sure, I’m in Federal Prison with
a 30-year sentence for something I didn’t do, and I’m not happy about that. But neither
the senate or the house voted to have me indicted. I got wrapped up in a broad and sweeping
abuse of power under the guise of a national security concern. Even though I watched FBI
agents and US Attorneys lie repeatedly and fabricate evidence, they did that because they
truly believed I was the enemy. In their own eyes, they are heroes.

Now, somewhere, some clown had to recast my whole life, as a suburban father of three, ”
as something very different. How that took my life as a telecom CEO and convinced a grand
jury I was the worst thing since Osama Bin Laden, I have no idea. But I may never know who
did that to me, or if I have been the victim of the unintended consequences of targeting
algorithms. That’s impossible to know, at least at the moment.

Obviously I have certain libertarian leaning opinions regarding privacy, civil liberties,
and criminal justice reform. I do not however, hate those that disagree with me, nor do I
see a need to demonize them. I accept the fact that not everyone has a genius IQ, or the
free time to ponder things like myself. Sometimes people come up with the wrong answers
for many reasons, and not everyone processes all the input logically, without emotion,
politics, or greed factored in. Such is life, and it’s not my place to change it. I accept
the fact that the USA will likely never change, and will probably only get worse. All
evidence points in that direction. With that in mind, I simply envision my personal future
in another country.

In fact, if I was pardoned today, I’d simply leave the US and never return. I’d probably
even quit writing on political topics altogether, and focus on my fiction. But that’s a
highly unlikely scenario, and I don’t spend a lot of time fantasizing about it. What I do
focus on, unlike most Americans, is becoming more informed, and as educated as possible.
If I have to sit in prison, then I hope to at least enlighten a few people with my writing.
If I can save one person from losing their freedom to the police state via this blog, then
my time here isn’t being wasted. And that my friends, is my sole purpose in life at the

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