Great success. We have reacquired both of the original domain names for Black Security Group and the UWWWB Web Forum. I have plans for BlackSec, but I picked up more for nostalgic reasons. As much as I’d like to launch a brand new version of I certainly can’t manage the day to day operations of a web forum from prison, and I’ve long since lost contact with all the original moderators. That, and it seems like even the discussion of software security is tantamount to criminal activity these days.
And as far as network security goes, and the original focus of BlackSec, just having knowledge of certain exploits seem to put one at risk, at least in the US. With that in mind I think I can do more by publishing the books where at least the 1st Amendment affords a modicum of protection. So far, it’s not illegal to read or write a book on any subject, and I have that on the recent authority of a US Attorney for the Southern District of Texas.
We do have big plans for BlackSec, so look for a future announcement on that topic. Meanwhile both domains will point to this site, where I’m busy updating content as often as possible.

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