Black Hat Banking: A Hacker’s Guide to Financial Security & Privacy (Covert Core Volume 1) by M. Blaine Faulkner

There are thousands of financial resources for those with a 9-to-5 job and boxes of well-kept tax records. Although the US FBI estimates that a full 40% of the world’s economy is “off the books”, there just isn’t an easy way to find an ask-no-questions accountant. Until now, those of us with unpopular, questionable, or outright illicit sources of income had no guide whatsoever. Fortunately the Black Hats of the world have already charted a clear path in this area out of their own necessity. Black Hat Banking is a guide for anyone that has a need to keep their income private, without sacrificing the security of their assets. Black Hat Banking is more than just a guide to offshore banking and asset protection. Here you’ll discover the full breadth of the US and International financial surveillance network and learn how to avoid invasions of privacy and unwanted scrutiny. By utilizing the latest crypto-currencies and all manner of loopholes in the system, you too can secure your wealth as professional hackers do. Along with a complete explanation of how high-end hackers and organized crime operate, the author dispels misconceptions regarding large cash transactions and reporting requirements for banks, while establishing best practices for entrepreneurs concerned with their financial privacy. Reader beware: this is not a book that toes the line of political correctness, nor does it pay homage to the concept of American Exceptionalism. Black Hat Banking begins with the assumption that there are those of us that simply cannot trust traditional banking systems, especially those influenced by big government interest. With a more international worldview the author offers a map to safe offshore banking and simple asset protection techniques. Black Hat Banking is written by M. Blaine Faulkner, AKA CygonX, one of the world’s most infamous cybercriminals. As the man was once an international fugitive on both INTERPOL’s and the FBI’s most wanted list, his writing reflects his personal experience with law enforcement and his ongoing asset protection techniques. This book destroys naive worldviews regarding benevolent governments with their citizen’s best interest in mind; not a book for the American Middle Class. This book has a singular focus of financial privacy at all costs, with the Libertarian idea that anyone has the potential to be an international citizen, and the right to manage their own wealth free, of government regulation and manipulation. If you have a need to secure your finances outside of traditional banking systems, this book is for you.

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